10 Reasons to Get Married in Hawaii


Here at Unveiled Hawaii, we often have to pinch ourselves, as we have the distinct pleasure of planning luxury destination weddings in Hawaii. We’re not surprised that traveling to Hawaii for “I do’s” is becoming more and more popular. What more could you ask for than exquisite backdrops, nearly-perfect year-round weather, and unparalleled destination wedding vendors? While the thought of a destination wedding could be a bit daunting, luxury Hawaii wedding planner, Lorrie Betsill Nielson, is here to give an insider’s perspective on what makes Hawaii an irresistible destination wedding location. So without any delay here are 10 Reasons to get married in Hawaii! Photo: Chris Evans Photography

1. Destination wedding, but no passport needed

Often times couples envision destination weddings on far-off lands where passports are required, which can be a common road-block for some guests. Yet, destination weddings aren’t limited to foreign countries – Hawaii is a magical destination hotspot where you can have the destination wedding of your dreams without any passport nightmares!


Photo: Toto Villaureal Photography

2. A wedding and honeymoon combined

If convenience is one of your priorities, then Hawaii is the ideal destination wedding location, as you’re already in one of the most romantic places to spend your honeymoon! You can even adventure out to the different islands for a change in scenery.


Photo: Mike Adrian Photography

3. The natural and pure beauty of Hawaii

I’m all about creating unique, one-of-a-kind event designs for all of our beloved couples. And when combined with Hawaii’s natural beauty and native landscape, it’s next level! Ceremonies framed by waterfalls, exquisite ocean backdrops, lush trees cascading amongst intimate receptions…need I say more? The dreamy, glitz and glam details I incorporate are just a cherry on top of the natural beauty Hawaii offers.


Photo: Wendy Laurel Photography

4. A memorable and unique experience for your guests

A destination wedding in Hawaii will provide your guests the fun opportunity to visit a beautiful place and join you in celebrating your love lavishly. I like to call it the ultimate “wedding-cation,” as you can make it a fun-filled weekend with plenty of pre and post wedding activities.


Photo: Mike Adrian Photography

5. Rich and diverse scenery

Each island offers something unique to fit every couple’s dream destination wedding. Kauai is perfect for the couple looking for a more private, tranquil ambiance. While Waikiki is more ideal for a lively wedding with a party atmosphere! There’s an abundance of unique sceneries to choose from as well – classic sandy beaches, rainforests, mountains and even volcanic landscapes – the options are endless!


Photo: Wendy Laurel Photography

6. Special traditions

The islands are rich with culture and native tradition and when respectfully incorporated into a ceremony, it makes for a memorable, meaningful and beautiful exchanging-of-the-vows. There are a number of different traditions to be incorporated into a Hawaii destination wedding, like exchanging of leis, or playing the Hawaiian Wedding song. Regardless of which traditions you choose, you’ll certainly feel the Aloha Spirit – an aura of friendliness, kindness and love, here on the islands.


Photo: Wendy Laurel Photography

7. Unparalleled, extraordinary venues

We are so lucky to have so many elegant, sophisticated and exceptional venues on the Hawaiian islands to host flawless destination weddings. As a luxury Hawaii wedding planner, I have the pleasure of working with the best. Picking a venue is one of the most important wedding planning decisions and you’ll have a plethora of exquisite properties with stunning aesthetics, exceptional catering, and luxurious amenities. A few of my favorites include the St. Regis Princeville and Four Seasons Lanai.


Photo: Mike Adrian Photography

8. Timeless wedding photos

Let’s just say when you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll never regret saying “I do” in Hawaii. The tropical wildlife, breathtaking sunsets, and gorgeous beaches make for the ideal backdrop! Hawaii’s romantic atmosphere will just radiate off the photos for years to come.


Photo: Caitlin Cathey Photography

Ideal weather!

While we do have seasons, contrary to popular belief, the weather is not necessarily at the forefront of a Hawaii destination wedding’s concerns. We’re incredibly lucky to have almost year-round sunshine and comfortable temperatures!


Photo: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

10. Adventure and romance

It’s undoubtedly more exciting to celebrate your love in an unknown place. Luxury and adventure come together seamlessly with Hawaii’s bountiful and exotic surroundings. It is incomparable to getting married in your hometown!


Photo: Mike Adrian Photography

Are you ready for a to start the planning process with a luxury Hawaii wedding planner? Comment below if you’re interested in saying “I do!” in Hawaii!