Details Every Bride Needs For A Luxury Destination Wedding


Love is in the details. That’s a motto we live by and can all agree, the more luxe and unique, the better! There are so many ways to incorporate unexpected details into your wedding that your guests will remember forever and our luxury wedding planner, Lorrie Betsill Neilson, knows just the right details to “wow” your destination wedding guests!


Photo: Sanaz Photography

Warm Welcome

For your Hawaii destination wedding, most guests will be traveling from afar so what better what to celebrate than a Welcome Party to kick off the festivities. This gives guests the opportunity to get to know one another in a fun and casual environment, allowing on the wedding day for them to be familiar with one another which adds to the overall intimacy of the wedding day.


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And to take it even a step further, how about gifting them with a locally themed welcome bag upon their arrival? Find snacks and drinks that are local to the area, create a map of favorite restaurants, bars and activities for your guests to try, and of course, if there are children attending, make sure they get a special treat too!


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Delectable Local Cuisine and Drinks

One of the best parts of traveling to a destination wedding is experiencing new cuisine and local beverages. Create a signature cocktail utilizing local spirits and serve at least one course during dinner that gives a taste of the region. Make sure to note on the menu what is being served so guests can truly appreciate it. Getting to taste a destination is just as important as seeing it!


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Comfy Lounge Seating

Every needs to take a break during the festivities so make sure to create a lounge and seating area for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour. Which will also transform into a great after dinner space for guests to sit back and relax during the dance portion of the evening.


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Surprise Experiences

Your guests will be excited to try something new at your destination wedding so think about incorporating a fun flair such as Hawaiian shaved ice, or think candy bars and donuts bars. Spread out these treats around your reception space to make guests feel even more special and enhance their wedding day experience celebrating your love!


Photo: Sanaz Photography

By adding these exquisite details, your guests will surely have a memorable luxury destination wedding experience! In the comments below, we would love to hear your favorite personalized detail!