Top Reasons To Love the Luxe Tented Reception Trend


While being outdoors surrounded by stunning natural beauty may be your dream Hawaiian luxury wedding experience, luxe tented receptions are the hottest trend in enhancing outdoor wedding receptions. There are many gorgeous styles of tents and ways to enhance them that will only add to the beauty of your Hawaii destination wedding. If you’re torn between hosting an indoor or outdoor reception, a tented reception outdoors may just be the answer. Here are our top five reasons we’re loving luxe tented receptions right now:

1. Weather Proof

The most logical reason. While everyone hopes for perfect weather on their wedding day, there are times of year when rain is more prevalent in Hawaii. The good news is… you don’t need to compromise your dream outdoor wedding! Beautiful tents, like those from our partners at Sperry Tents, allow you to celebrate outdoors while staying dry.


Photo: Mike Adrian


Photo: Chris Evans

2. Ambiance

There is nothing more romantic than a beautifully lit tent with a Hawaii backdrop. The warm glow that shines from the tent is an eye-catching addition to your luxury wedding venue. Try setting up lounge style seating outside of the tent, creating an additional space for your guests to view the tent ambiance!


Photo: Chris Evans


Photo: Chris Evans

3. Sophistication

Tents have been used for decades to host glamorous events. Many styles are both timeless and sophisticated. Rather than taking away from the beauty of your luxury Hawaiian wedding location, they will only enhance it.


Photo: Chris Evans

4. Style

From hanging chandeliers and dramatic curtains to beautiful uplighting and romantic draping, there are many ways to add unique style to your tented reception. As Hawaii luxury wedding planners, we love helping clients transform the blank canvas of a tent into the reception of their dreams.


Photo: Mike Adrian


Photo: Mike Adrian