Wedding Décor and Details You Can’t Live Without!

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One of the questions we are most often asked by our clients is “How do we design a wedding day that is unique to who we are?” Our answer- it’s all in the details!  Incorporating personal style and well thought out details into your wedding design is the absolute best way to show your guests who you are as a couple and what this day means to you. From your color palette selection, guest favors and even custom cocktail offerings, designing your day to be as unique as you are just takes a little creativity and of course- details. Here are a few of our favorite wedding day details you simply can’t live without.

Custom Designed Stationery

Whatever you do, don’t overlook the opportunity to wow your guests months before your wedding day! The first details your guests will come in contact with are your save the dates or wedding invitations. From the moment the envelope arrives in the mail, this will set the stage and give your guests an idea of what’s in store for your big day.

Custom Cocktails and Bar Offerings

Because who doesn’t love a great cocktail? Creativity comes in all forms when designing memorable details for your wedding day and signature cocktails are a fabulous way to show off a little of your personal style. Maybe you and your fiancé met over margaritas while vacationing in Mexico or maybe you like to have cocktail making competitions for a Friday date night. Whatever drink you fancy, be sure to include a couple favorites when designing your cocktail hour and reception bar offerings.

Place Settings

You can really bring the wow factor to your tablescape by paying close attention to the details of your place settings. With endless combinations of color, pattern and texture, your place settings can easily become a guest conversation piece all of their own. In addition to charger plates, dinnerware, glassware and flatware, you can create stylish and memorable details by incorporating custom designed menu cards matching your stationery suite or add guest favors and floral accents. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to design so when in doubt- shoot for the stars!

Lounge Atmospheres

Guests LOVE variety when attending a wedding and lounge furniture or seating arrangements are the perfect design element to keep your event and conversations flowing. Lounge atmospheres are one of our favorite ways to create comfort at any wedding or event. Whether it be outdoors overlooking the ocean or indoors perfectly placed around a dance floor, guests will love the opportunity to relax with a cocktail and a group of old or new friends.

Sweets and Treats

Out with the old and in with the new! Now don’t get me wrong, we love a beautiful towering wedding cake- which can really be the centerpiece for design in your wedding. But come on, who doesn’t love a creative display of assorted sweets like donuts! After dinner, your dessert offerings can really be as creative as you are. Consider adding your favorite sweet treats to the menu that will leave your guests nothing less than satisfied.

Fun with Food

Luckily for us, planning the menu for a destination wedding here in Hawaii comes with unlimited culinary options. We love when couples embrace the islands, the culture and especially the amazing food scene that makes Hawaii so unique. Consider the location of your wedding, find out what the locals are eating and add it to the menu! Your guests will love the opportunity to broaden their horizons and try new things- especially tasty and memorable menu items.

Be Creative and Be YOU

The only rule is, there are NO rules when it comes to designing details for your wedding day! If you are a “more is more” kind of couple- roll with it! If you are simple and want to keep things understated, embrace your style and guests will see “you” written all over it. No matter what you decide for your wedding day, you can add big or small personal touches to every aspect of your wedding day. Simply be creative and be YOU.

Heather Sharpe