Which Hawaiian Island to Get Married On


Big Island

The island lives up to its title, as it is the largest of all of the Hawaiian islands. While on island you can easily travel through all of the climates zones because of the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes. On the Big Island, you can observe everything from sandy coastal beaches, flowing molten lava to snowy covered mountaintops- also some of Hawaii’s finest snorkeling.

Coffee lovers can find their personal paradise here, also, as the Big Island is home to the United States' only home-grown java. The island comprises seven distinct coffee-growing areas, each boasting its own unique flavor.


Oahu is home to a number of the nation's most renowned surf cities and is known as "the gathering place," since it houses the vast majority of Hawaii's inhabitants. On Oahu, you'll Discover ancient customs infused with a fast-paced city life and laidback beach towns. Visitors here can appreciate Honolulu's world-class shopping and high-rise dining along with a rich history including World War II at Pearl Harbor.

Honolulu is vastly visited by tourists. Having a high population, Oahu is a really lively destination loaded with culture, nightlife, and entertainment. Oahu's vibrant culture paired with organic beauty offers countless opportunities to experience world-famous waves and amazing diving spots.

If you're interested in a high-energy destination that has several distinct entertainment options, Oahu just may be the island for you.


Possessing some of the greatest beaches on the planet, Maui's amazing shoreline features whale watching and stunning sunsets which make it among the most well-known islands to see. Maui is a great option for travelers seeking to mix it up between relaxation and adventure.

On Maui, you'll Discover world-famous beaches and a plethora of hotels and spas. For those looking to get away from the resort life, sunrise at the dormant Haleakala volcano or a windy road trip to Hana may be more your speed- well worth the trip to enjoy the vast scenery Maui has to offer.


Just off of Maui and accessible only by plane or ferry, Lanai offers a glimpse into “little island life” as most of its inhabitants descend from early plantation workers. Lanai is as straightforward as it has no traffic lights, just 30 miles of paved road and is known for the laid back, quiet and local style setting.

There are just two hotels, one being the Four Seasons Resorts Lanai known for its world-class golf resort, but is an ideal location for a romantic escape! With the authentic feeling of tropical heaven, Lanai provides quiet beaches and a lavish resort which are idea for tying the knot.


Farthest north in the island chain is Kauai. It is graced with deserts, hills and mountains unlike those on some of the other islands, in addition to lush rainforests, waterfalls and rivers. Visitors can select from a range of elite resorts on stunning beaches, but when you are spending some time on Kauai, be certain that you get out of the hotel too. The island's dramatic green landscape scene makes it the ideal place for outdoor activities, such as kayaking, snorkeling and hiking- an ideal place for the adventure traveler. Kauai is home to a number of the very beautiful and organic seacliffs, tropical woods, and also a river which drains through waterfalls and lush jungles.

Waimea Canyon stretches for approximately ten miles and falls as heavy as 3,600 feet at a few points, which makes it a must-see for Kauai visitors. It offers breathtaking coastal climbs through canyons and snorkeling experiences, Kauai is famous for being a remarkable exploration of pure beauty. It is less developed compared to other islands, which keeps its magnificent, pristine property.

With luxury as your backdrop, whichever island you choose, it’s clear to see why Hawaii is the number one choice for your destination wedding.

Heather Sharpe